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Liability Form Policy:

A liability form must be signed for All participants Before starting their surf lesson.

Liability forms can be found here:

Refund & Cancellation Policy 

When a customer reserves a surf lesson with Flagler Surf School, we guarantee that an instructor will show up to the lesson on time with the appropriate equipment for the lesson booked. We also reserve that specific time slot for that customer and may have to turn down others requesting that same lesson date, time, and location. Our refund, cancellation, and reschedule policy is as follows:


Surf Lessons

  • After making the booking you have until one week prior to your lesson to cancel and receive a full refund, minus a $30 processing fee. Bookings made within one week of the lesson start time will not be refunded if cancelled. No show=no refund. After making your booking, you have until one week prior to your lesson to request a free reschedule. For reschedules requested requests less than a week before your previously scheduled lesson, a $30 reschedule fee will be charged.


A Note About Surf Conditions…

  • Flagler Surf School staff is a team of professionals who have expertise in ocean knowledge and surf conditions, and they will only schedule lessons to be held in safe and adequate conditions for the surf skill level of the client. The ocean is constantly changing and our surf instructors cannot control the conditions. Sometimes the waves are very calm, and other times they are on the rough side; welcome to surfing! We assure you the instructor will keep you safe and show you a good time, no matter how the waves are. A lesson will only be cancelled if the conditions are deemed unsafe by our team and/or a professional lifeguard. If a customer is unhappy with the surf conditions and desires to end the lesson early, he or she will not receive a refund. Customers calling to reschedule less than a week in advance to inclement weather will still be charged the $30 reschedule fee.

  • We make our lessons  1 1/2 hours long to give everyone plenty of time to practice on the beach (if needed) and to catch waves in the water. It is up to the customer if he or she chooses to end the lesson early, but we cannot reschedule the remaining time of the lesson for a different day.


No refunds on gift certificates.

  • No partial refunds on remaining lessons of a multi-lesson package, however the lessons are transferable to other people.


  • Flagler Surf School reserves the right to cancel, change the location of, or reschedule lessons and events as we see fit. While this rarely happens, if it does, it is typically in response to those constantly changing ocean or unsafe weather conditions. In this situation, we will make every effort to find an alternate time that works for you or, if that’s not possible, we will issue a full refund.Thank you for choosing Flagler Surf School! We are so excited to get you out surfing!

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